About us

The UTB Group was founded and has been active since the early nineteen eighties and is an independent, hands-on and professional organisation in the field of industrial takeovers. With offices in Waalwijk in the Netherlands and Brussels in Belgium, the UTB Group boasts a perfect position to target a large international working area, with a preference for European takeovers.

The UTB Group is always on the lookout for takeover possibilities in various different industries – Commodities, Metal, Steel Construction, Plastic, Rubber, Synthetics, Chemical, Food, Woodworking, etc - whereby the company and its moveable and immovable assets and the possible continuation of the company, either as a whole or in parts, will form part of the discussions. Our management team is used to working together at board level and in complex and often critical phases, where directness, decisiveness and perseverance, but certainly discretion too, are an absolute must.

More about the UTB Group, including the successful takeovers of Zalco Aluminium, Constar Plastics and Kin Machinebouw and our Partners, can be found on this website.